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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Class to Pizzazz

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Class to Pizzazz

Style is defined by you! Whatever outfit a Fashionista/o chooses to wear, it is all in the details. Paying attention to details does not only apply to one’s work ethic, but it also applies to fashion. Fashion, in terms of clothes, can bring about a myriad of details when people pay attention to them. It is just a matter of looking!

Like specific details in an essay, the details in an outfit define how that outfit will stand out from the rest. It might also emphasize certain features of a person or other parts of an outfit. This month’s featured Fashionisto wears a Lokai bracelet, Casio black watch, brown boots from Nordstrom, Hot Topic black skinny jeans, MA-1 Flight Jacket and a polka-dotted dress shirt from Forever 21.

What is awesome about this outfit is the bomber jacket that is coated with orange on the inside, like an orange Dreamsicle (yum!), the polka dots featured on the button-down, the zips on the boots that give the outfit an edgy look and the accessories which are details on their own.

So next time you pick an outfit to wear, pay attention to how the details work with each other to make the perfect outfit. A simple and classy outfit can become an outfit of pizzazz!

How To: Want to know how to imitate this look? Pair the bomber jacket with a simple white T-shirt, black rolled-up jeans and a comfy pair of white Converse All-Stars or white original Superstar shoes from adidas.