ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chunky Knits and Delicate Jewelry

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chunky Knits and Delicate Jewelry

It’s time to embrace the fact that school has arrived and we have to wave goodbye to summer style. With the cold weather setting in and early classes seeming earlier and earlier every week, we need to cycle in the cozy styles. You won’t see me or other students sporting high heels and the perfect dress at that 7:30 a.m. class, but there are a few outfits that are pushing their way to the front of the class and surviving the lengthy days.

This Fashionista has taken on the challenge of a chunky cardigan and distressed denim to brave the cold University of Utah weather. While the look is effortlessly put together, there are a few ways she makes it really stand out. The first thing she prioritizes is jewelry. She pops color on her ears with a bright turquoise stud and then pairs that with different metals. Her delicate necklace is a brushed gold that adds texture and thought to her outfit.

“The rings belonged to my grandma and grandpa, so wearing them is not only a style choice but reminds me of family.” The lack of rhyme or reason to how she chose the different metals and styles of jewelry really came to fruition with these vintage family pieces.

The final and most important choice for this outfit was the shoes. She wanted shoes that gave a little bit of height but could be worn for the long walks between classes. This outfit may be comfy, but it is anything but boring. This Fashionista has shown how to put a personalized spin on an everyday outfit.