ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chilly Class Commute

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chilly Class Commute

As the harsh winter months subside and the sunshine comes out to play, so does every Fashionista. Gone are the oversize parkas, suffocating blanket scarves, and all-weather winter boots. A day above 45 degrees Fahrenheit turns any campus into a land of opportunity for trendsetters and the modish. 

The beauty of an outfit is in the way the individual pieces complement and contrast one another. This Fashionista knows how to mix the qualities of symmetry and asymmetry to strike a balance that says “effortless.” Throwing one piece of asymmetrical clothing into an outfit, whether it’s a high-low hemline or a classic moto jacket, is a shortcut to looking put together but still edgy.

From her center-parted hair to the lapels of her trench coat to the precisely executed cuffed ankles of her jeans, this Fashionista is rocking an ensemble which is nearly entirely symmetrical. Even her bar pendant necklace and shades give her an extra degree of symmetry (fun fact: wearing sunglasses can make your face appear more symmetrical). However, the rock star of this outfit is her striped blouse expertly layered beneath her coat. The stripes draw attention to the asymmetrical, surplice-styled tuck of the shirt. This pop of asymmetry gives the outfit movement and adds an element of intrigue while the other elements maintain order and maturity (even while wearing a backpack).

This equation can be easily be recreated with artful pairing for any occasion such as class, an internship, or a night out. Remember—asymmetry can be incorporated in multiple ways such as clothing pieces, jewelry, and even hairstyles. Add your own flare and take your look to the streets!