ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chill In Chubbies

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chill In Chubbies

Hey there, Fashionistos, this article is just for you! Summer is coming to an end and its time to head back to school soon. Ugh, classes, but all the more reason to live it up this next month in style! The perfect way to do so is in a pair of Chubbies shorts. This week’s Fashionisto is here to share with you his favorite summer Chubbies look.

Check out this Fashionisto’s plaid chubbies. They have been all the rage for summer 2015. He claims they can be used to brighten up a simple outfit or even to tone down dressier attire. The ensemble he’s showing off today is a more formal one. He actually plans to wear this outfit on his beach vacation next week.

Now let’s take a look at the rest of this Fashionisto’s getup. His white Kenneth Cole dress shirt matches his plaid shorts perfectly. In fact they go nicely with any color Chubbies. Wow, what a snatch! This Fashionista mentions he will sometimes pair a bowtie with this shirt depending on the occasion.

While the bowtie is a nice touch, this Fashionista chooses to accessorize with Ray-Bans sunglasses today. He suggests picking one or the other between these two complimentary pieces. However, the pair of Sperry Top-Siders on his feet can be worn no matter what the other accessories are. They go flawlessly with this outfit and a lot of his other ones too.

I hope this Fashionisto has fun at the beach next week. He will certainly be rocking his Chubbies shorts and accessories. What will you wear with your Chubbies?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When it comes to class, dress to impress. Always be yourself.”