Transitions can be awkward. Not knowing how to navigate the old while integrating the new is a difficult dance to coordinate. Seasonal transitions are no exception. Here in the (temperamental) University of Connecticut, you can see the weather fueled confusion clearly in the sometimes seasonally perplexed outfits. UGGs and short-shorts? Fleece-lined anoraks over sleeveless crop tops? Winter boots and mini-skirts? These are all legitimate parings I have seen the few weeks where the lines between summer and fall are blurred.

So the question remains, how do you stay stylish and seasonally appropriate without overheating or freezing to death? I say, it’s all in the details. Knowing how to integrate classic summer pieces with more functional fall items while adding touches of originality through accessories is the perfect way to slowly let go of summer and welcome fall with open arms. By integrating the darker, muted colors of the fall with the light-weight pieces reminiscent of the summer, will keep you comfortable and ready for whatever crazy New England weather has in store.

This fashionista does an amazing job of finding the happy medium of the two seasons. She wore light-weight nude flat strappy sandals paired with plum jeggings that she claimed were “the most comfortable pants” she’s worn in a while. On top, she chose a blush-toned, lightweight sweater that was breathable and allowed for plenty of movement over a plum halter bralette, that was an amazing touch that added texture and dimension to her outfit. By bringing the halter trend, often associated with more summery outfits, into this fall look, the outfit transitions seamlessly into the cooler weather. She finally tied her look together with a beautiful dainty jewelry with her multi-length stone necklace and fabulous faux septum ring, a trend that was extremely popular all over Instagram this summer and seems to be going strong into autumn.

How To: We can learn a lot on how to avoid awkward transitions from this fashionista’s simple, yet extremely practical outfit. First and foremost, pay attention to color. Tones and hues are really important to pay detail to because they set the season for an outfit. A good rule of thumb is to wear darker, warmer tones for the colder seasons and reserve bright hues for the warmer months. Secondly, don’t be afraid to mix old with the new. Break out that comfy T-shirt dress you rocked all summer long and throw a cardigan on top for added warmth that will help you transition into the colder seasons. Be kind to your wallet and don’t go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe. Thirdly, mix and match your textures to keep your outfit interesting and up to season. Warmer months are characterized by knit textures, so try out some knit over-the-knee socks or a textured beanie. Lastly, the devil is in the details. Use your accessories to bring you into the new season. This Fashionista’s oxblood vampy lip color is the perfect little detail that says “I’m ready to slay the heck out of this season.”