ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cape Con Crochet

April 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

Spring has sprung…FINALLY. Walking around campus I can tell that people are excited just based off of their wardrobe. No more gloomy days means no more parkas and sweat pants. This beautiful weather and the sunny skies bring a little more motivation to daily fashion. I caught this Fashionista on campus sporting a perfect spring look. Whether you are headed to class, meetings, shopping, lunch, brunch or all of the above, this look covers it all.

This Fashionista rocked one of my favorite spring items, which is the cardigan…or the ‘cape’ in my terms. This is a great item for the days that are not so hot, but not so cold. If you’re from the Midwest you know exactly what I’m talking about: you never know what weather you’re going to get in the spring. This is also a great accessory to add to an outfit at night when it gets a little cooler, and it can be paired with anything from your favorite pair of jeans to a fancy dress.

Now, onto the first thing that caught my eye in this Fashionista’s look… the crochet!! I am in love with the design of the top this Fashionista is wearing. It is a perfect addition of detail and style to this outfit. The stone necklace, neckline and detailed shirt are all great complements to each other. Matching a detailed AND high-neck top with a necklace can be difficult, but I think keeping it simple like this Fashionista did is always the way to go.

Detail, detail, detail–it makes the simple looks so much more appealing. Don’t be afraid of those detailed tops that are hard to complement or those old patterns…they are back! And, if you have a little more talent than me, you may even be able to make a top like this with your own two hands.

How To: You can imitate this look by digging out any detailed/patterned shirt, old or new, and pairing it with a simple necklace. The long cardigan can be found in almost any trendy store because it is such a fashion hit right now. This look is simple, but the intricate detail will definitely impress the crowd.