April 29th, 2015 at 2:10am

When you are a guy or, better yet, a Fashionisto, there are pieces of clothing that you can wear with any type of outfit or style, whether it is a casual, classy, preppy, hipster or rocker look. I mean Fashionistas can do it too, but I feel as if Fashionistos can do it better. For example, button-ups are one piece of clothing I will focus on throughout this post.

Button-ups can work with any style. This is because these shirts come in so many different styles. If you are going to a job interview, a Fashionisto can wear a white button-up tucked into a pair of black pants. It’s a conservative and classy look that will get you hired. Another occasion would be if you were going on a date. Any Fashionisto wearing a button-up or, more specifically, a flannel button-down, will make a girl swoon. This is because it shows you are classy but laid back. Girls love a guy who is dressed up.

This Fashionisto pulls off that button-up look like no one else. Although he is on his way to work and I made him late, his button-up can work for any event. He is wearing a black and gray checkered shirt. He matches the shirt with a pair of skinny jeans. Along with that, a pair of black high-top boots. I enjoyed the fact that he tied the laces around his ankle. It is a small and necessary detail to look at. Also, another very small detail is his orange socks that peek through his jeans and boots.

If the Fashionisto did not tell me he was on his way to work, I would have thought he was on his way to band practice. If he wanted to go out after his shift, all he would have to do is throw on a leather jacket or even a jean jacket.

Like I said, button-ups can work with any outfit. Try out all styles of button-ups, and you will find a look for any day.

How To: Going to a concert? Wear a black button-up, and roll up the sleeves to your elbow. Tuck your shirt inside a pair of jeans and wear a nice leather belt. Now you’re ready!