ALL IN THE DETAILS: Business Casual or T-Shirt Glam?

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Business Casual or T-Shirt Glam?

Who else can seal the deal of a major project presentation or ace an interview for a summer internship wearing none other than a T-shirt? This Fashionista broke those stuffy standards confined within the term “business casual” with this stunningly comfy but professional look. The chic but edgy ensemble promotes that crossover from the professional realm with its staple business black and white color tones. However, instead of rocking a basic pantsuit she styled up her attire with unique pieces, owing the outfits success to all of her intricate details.

Check out her staple graphic white T-shirt! The loose top with rounded neckline provides a fashionable twist for your standard T-shirt connoisseur. Topped with a stark knit gray blazer bearing a texture contrast that ultimately illustrates her sense of structure as the strength of the material observed within the jacket balances out the loose whimsical feel of the T-shirt that lies beneath. Now the bottoms, who knew leather could ever look so good? Those leather bottoms once again direct a shift in the conversation, as her personal style is personified through the sleek lines embedded within its stitching and craftsmanship.

To accentuate the look with little pops of color, she opted to wear large dangle fringe earrings that also went well with her red rope necklace. Her accessories were furthermore accentuated with little hints of gold to add some sparkle to her attire. Gold bangle bracelets adorn both of her wrists, allowing her look to continuously give you those well needed elements of fashion forward business casual attire. Not to mention, her lace-up leather flats are absolutely to die for as they come to a perfect point that seems to steer her in the right direction.

All in all, this Fashionista is ready for anything. Whether it may be surviving the tremors of the boardroom or simply strutting across campus ready for any impromptu group presentation, this outfit will surely allow you to feel and look prepared for whatever is thrown your way.