As October is slowly settling in, fall is, more than ever, in the air. It’s finally the time for changing leaves, hot cider and layering all day, every day. To achieve the perfect layered look, you can always gravitate towards a lightweight jacket thrown over any hoodie or flannel, a well broken in pair of denim, a cozy blanket scarf and don’t forget your favorite beanie to top off the look. Now that the ensemble is taken care of, what to grab for shoes?

The bootie–fall’s best companion. Booties are, without a doubt, perfect for the fall season, and crucial to any wardrobe. The most appealing aspect to this style of shoe is how wide a range they are presented. The bootie comes in anything from a lace-up, to a slip on, to a cutout style. The only characteristics that are constant are the ankle height and chunky heel. That’s the beauty of them; there is a booty for any style, and any occasion.

This Fashionista was spotted wearing the ultimate fall boot. They showcase the perfect amount of detail with their layered buckles and gold toe, providing the perfect pop of edge and flair to her dress and denim look. The gold metal also adds a pleasantly surprising warm tone to the otherwise cool outfit. In this look, the booties are the show-stopping, focal point. This Fashionista has the right idea.

There is no time better than the fall to whip out the perfect bootie. As it gets cooler, our color palette tends to lean towards duller and muted tones, why not take this time to really grab a pair of boots that pop and draw attention.

How To: Buckles and exposed zippers are go-to details to look for when finding the perfect bootie. They add some edge and detail to any ensemble, and go with everything. If metals aren’t your thing, look for a pair that have an unexpected color or some fringe to add some unexpected detail.