ALL IN THE DETAILS: Brooch or Bust

May 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

Final exams, summer storage units, pollen and goodbyes are upon students at the end of the spring semester. Whether you have come out on top, taken a dive toward the bottom or are still biting those nails in anticipation of final grade postings, somebody out there under the umbrella of American universities can sympathize with your stress; however, looking your best (whatever your best may be), can only help you, rather than hurt you. This is where accessories come in. Adding a little something here and there to your outfit can cause both your outfit and your confidence to pop, allowing you to stand out in a dreary world of hoodies and sweatpants.

This Fashionista seems to have figured that out for herself early on. For example, the addition of a white cardigan to her outfit not only serves to keep her covered up when walking through the infamous Manhattan wind tunnels (brought to you by any street lined with tall buildings), but it also makes a nice backdrop for the brooch that she proudly sports. The brooch is particularly interesting because they are not an extremely popular accessory of choice; however, while they may be declining in quantity, they do the exact opposite in terms of quality.

Her wrists are impressive enough in themselves. Sporting both a Pierre Cardin watch and a Cartier bracelet, the two pieces of arm candy are on opposite ends of the pricing spectrum, while affordability sits right in the middle for these two important accessories. When done correctly, keeping both wrists accounted for adds depth to any outfit.

Just when you didn’t think she could add any more unique flare—she does. By wrapping a scarf around the strap on her bag, this Fashionista has taken unique to a new level. Simply enough, she has done all of this solely through the use of accessories.

How To: Despite how you are feeling during this time of the semester, when things are winding down, no time could be more appropriate to wind up your style. Find a couple of accessories that are important to you, show off your unique sense of style and add them to any outfit you feel needs that extra push to stand out.