April 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

An essential piece of any true Fashionista’s wardrobe is a bomber jacket. These jackets can miraculously unify an outfit, while making a loud statement and adding personality with its unique texture. To those who don’t yet own one, the bomber jacket is everything you never knew you needed in your wardrobe. This Fashionista rocks her unique, quilted bomber with a sleek and simple ensemble underneath. She pairs the bomber with black ankle pants, a white mesh tank top and tall black boots. By tossing the army green coat on top of this versatile and fairly neutral look, the outfit comes across as effortless and casual with an edgy undertone. The bomber jacket shifts the outfit from relaxed and simple to totally RAD. This Fashionista clearly knows how to accessorize with her small but significant additions of mirrored aviators and a killer matte lipstick, in the specific shade Lolita. These soft, feminine touches add a romantic aspect to the masculine attributes of the bomber jacket, balancing out to create an overall fierce look.

This Fashionista would most likely be spotted rocking this bomb look on her way to class or on a weekend afternoon. She loves this look because she feels it captures her personal style and core fashion values. Her preference when it comes to fashion always lies in presenting a look of sophistication, while still prioritizing comfort. Her personal style as a whole is very classic, with notes of edge and romanticism, all evident in this specific look.

How To: To replicate this look with your own bomber jacket, I’d advise keeping the rest of the outfit neutral, whether that be in color or simplicity. The addition of a bomber on top of a clean look draws the eye straight to the jacket, while giving the look an overall polished yet rustic feel.