ALL IN THE DETAILS: Boldly Mysterious

Although it may be fall up north, it’s still hot like summer in some areas of the world. This means, instead of layering up, Fashionistas and Fashionistos have to find other ways to show off their style. Why not accessorize? Accessorizing is a great way to show off your style during any and all seasons in a small, but impactful way.

This Fashionista decided to accessorize her outfit with simple but bold items. First, she paired her cat-eye sunglasses with some bold purple lips. The cat-eye sunglasses are a great item that shows the feminine side in a mysterious, but bold way. Thus, people can’t help but want to know who the girl behind the sunglasses is. This season, deep dark colored lips are all the rage, including Cyber by Mac, which this Fashionista is wearing. Cyber’s dark wine color helps lighten the Fashionista’s skin tone while drawing attention to her rockin’ lips, which are complementing the mysteriously bold look.

Instead of a purse, this Fashionista decided to pair her outfit with a clutch. Clutches are a great item to have for both casual and formal outings. It holds all your essentials in a small space, so you won’t ever have trouble digging through to find your keys. It also doesn’t hurt that they are a classy and bold change from your typical purses.

Matching her clutch, the two rings this Fashionista decided to wear are definitely “must-have” items. Both the feather ring and T-shaped ring look brass-like, giving that worn-out vintage effect. The mix and match of the two different shaped rings gives her hand a unique look in a modest way.

Fall is the perfect season to experiment with more mysterious looks and accessories. Grab some dark lipstick and your favorite sunglasses, and you will be looking fabulous.

How To: Ever want to leave the guys wondering, “Who is that girl?” Well, look no further! Wear a deep, dark colored lipstick with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses, and you are bound to have heads turned with your mysteriously bold look.