One of my favorite things about maxis, both skirts and dresses, is that there are endless ways to style them. From covering up your new bathing suit at the beach to giving a presentation, maxis can seamlessly carry you from occasion to occasion depending on what you decide to pair with them.

When I met this Fashionista on campus, the first thing that I noticed was her pointed, red ballet flats. The components of her outfit were all relatively simple and casual on their own: a solid blue maxi skirt, a white tank top, a denim jacket and a long necklace. However, the feel of her look was completely transformed by the addition of her bright red shoes.

If this Fashionista had chosen to sport a different type of shoe like a sandal, flat sneaker or even a pair of booties, she most likely would not have caught my attention as quickly as she did. While maxi skirts look adorable with a variety of different shoes, the contrast between the understated elements of her look and her fancier, brightly colored flats created something that was visual interesting.

How To: In order to prevent your outfit from going overboard, follow the example of this Fashionista. Keep the base of your outfit simple while focusing on one bold detail to make the star of your look. Invest in simple staples like a solid colored maxi and a denim jacket, and take a risk with a brightly colored, patterned, or textured shoes and accessories; personally, I’m a huge fan of neons and metallics.