The beautiful summer has left us, but no fear; the fall has decided to grace us with its lovely presence. However, there are those amazing summer trends like pastels, chiffons and floral that we can never seem to let go of. But one trend we can never manage to let go of is boho. There are many different ways you can mesh summer trends in with the fall. You just have to pay attention to your details.

This Fashionista decided to keep her boho look and still managed to keep warm in this new fall weather. She’s slaying everyone with her deep V-neck bodysuit and long necklace with gold sandals. Her chest tattoo also adds a little edge to the look.

However, what really captures your attention when you see her strutting her stuff are those long paisley print soft pants. The pattern is as bright as they come, yet still dark enough to mesh with regular fall tones. The wide end of the pants gives the whole outfit a flared look. Not only are these pants super cute, but also they’re a steal. Our Fashionista says she spotted these bad boys at H&M on sale and couldn’t look away.

Boho is a trend that’s been capturing Fashionistas and Fashionistos all over the world since its peak in 2005. Since then the trend has been enforced by some of the industry’s most notable icons: Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, the Olsen twins and my personal favorite, the boho queen herself, Vanessa Hudgens. But it definitely doesn’t take much for you to become a Boho Queen, or King, yourself.

How To: Simply throw on your favorite pair of flared pants with a long sleeved blouse and just like that you too can be boho royalty. Loving this boho look but pants might not be for you? Try a flowing Paisley pattern dress or skirt instead.