Back in Canada we’ve seen sunny days, rainy days and snow all at once. This makes it difficult to pick an outfit that will appease the seasons just right. That being said, an essential piece to any Fashionista’s wardrobe is a denim jacket. Whether you’re rocking your way to your new summer job or taking extra classes this summer, I guarantee this jacket will do you justice. Denim has been spotted in stores like GUESS as the new essential for everyone male or female this season.

This particular Fashionista is ready for both work and play. We see that festival season is upon us, and owning a killer romper will take you there. Denim can be added over the shoulders or around the waist, whatever suits you best.

If we want to continue making statements with our summer attire, don’t throw away your booties just yet. This Fashionista shows us how it’s done by pairing a neutral bootie with her summer festival romper. The chunky heel will give you the extra height needed to make you stand out while still remaining comfortable.

Now what goes better with denim than an amazing, vintage, leather handbag? Absolutely nothing goes better! No attire would be complete without one, and this Fashionista proves just that. Bohemian outfits stay #RAD and retro by carrying a piece of vintage by their side. Big or small, a leather handbags are always a MUST.

How To: To replicate this look with your own denim jacket, I’d advise adding a pop of color to your ensemble. The denim jacket can be a great neutral to a loud outfit. Though if you want to go full-out denim, I’d recommend to stay in one denim shade at a time.