October 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

Expressing yourself is an understatement when it comes to this Fashionista’s style. From her luxurious dread locks to her accessories, she has it all. Over the summer, her goal was to change her style, so that’s exactly what she did. She envisioned herself as a hippie goddess—and she is no less than that! Her style is a mixture of ’70s hippie and a twist of bohemian. With her look, she maintained her Trinidadian roots with the season’s hottest trend: waist beads.

If one aspires to achieve the hippie look, they must fully commit. This Fashionista definitely embodies the persona of an individual who is not dressing bohemian simply to impress others; it is obvious that great effort was put in to achieve this look. The Forever 21 halter-top she is wearing is totally ’70s. It highlights the chic tattoos near her collar bone. This Fashionista’s high-waisted shorts are also a must for anyone looking to achieve a boho look.

The hippie/boho looks doesn’t stop at the outfit; the metallic tattoos, makeup and accessories helped take this look to the next level. The metallic tattoos lying on her skin give off the perfect bohemian vibe. She also accentuated her look by creating a dramatic cat eye, with a dash of gold glitter on the tail. Because this Fashionista incorporated minuscule attributes to her look, such as the metallic tattoos, choker and cat eyes, she embodies a real life hippie.

How To: The first thing you must have if you aspire to style yourself as a bohemian is the mindset. A creative mind can definitely help you venture out. Also, find prints that work for you. I recommend that you make an effort to incorporate warm earth tones. These colors give off a chic, effortless vibe, which embodies boho. When building your hippie wardrobe, also keep in mind that being different is what sets your style apart from others!