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September 16th, 2015 at 2:06am

Everyone has their own style, whether it’s an iconic look or a mixture of trends. For me, I can’t even think about limiting my style to one word; I obsess over too many things to be tied down to just one trend or look. However, no matter what vibe you like portraying with your fashion, one thing is certain: you should always accessorize correctly. I don’t care if you’re classy, punk or preppy—accessories can go a long way. It’s fun to buy mass quantities of jewelry (but watch out for the tangled mess that may come with it). I also prefer to treat shoes as an accessory; with just one bad shoe decision, you can ruin even the chicest of outfits. With all these options, how do you know what accessories to pair with what outfit?

I must say that this Fashionista is killing the accessory game. It’s obvious that her style is more bohemian and free flowing than anything. With just a simple white dress and an oversized print kimono, she already looks fantastic. Yet, her accessory choices really make her look even more stylish and eye-catching. Since the print of her kimono is so bold, she chooses more subtle jewelry to accent her look rather than crowd it. A moon necklace adds just a touch of sparkle to her white dress, and multiple rings and an iridescent wrap bracelet gives her the perfect arm candy. Her white purse doesn’t distract from the rest of her look and is the perfect size for any occasion.

Even though they are neutral in color, her shoes are one of the best parts of this entire outfit. Small gold studs outline the ankle strap, but it’s the fringed accents that really draw your eye to her feet. This is the perfect way to create a beautiful head-to-toe look! Fringe is definitely a great feature for those with more of a bohemian style, so adding it here and there in an outfit can really make you stand out.

How To: Looking for the right jewelry for the fabulous outfit you just put together? Think: “If bold, don’t go big.” If you are wearing a print that can stand alone, opt for simpler jewelry and maybe just a few pieces. If you’re outfit is simple and clean, experiment with funky statement necklaces and layers! You can hardly go wrong when it comes to mix and matching, so just have fun with it and create a unique look that highlights your style.