April 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

With all the music festivals coming up this summer, the bohemian and hippie trends have been huge. I personally am dying to go to as many festivals as I can but as a college kid, I am inevitably broke. This summer I’m definitely going to be suffering from FOMO but I can still dress like I’m going to one of the festivals!

This Fashionista had some bohemian inspiration when putting together this outfit. Here in the Midwest we can’t exactly dress like we’re going to Coachella every day because in April it’s still a little too cold for that. The thing I like most about this outfit is the fur vest that’s paired with the shirt. The design on the front of this navy blue shirt jazzes up the outfit and gives it just the right amount of detail it needs for this outfit not to be boring. When I saw that she had paired this shirt with the vest I immediately got bohemian vibes. Wearing dark wash jeans for bottoms made this whole outfit less costume-y and more appropriate for class. Another great thing about this Fashionista’s look is the booties. I’m obsessed with booties and these particular ones were an awesome choice for this outfit. I love how it gives out a more urban feel.

Overall I think this outfit is great because it incorporates recent trends and gives off a chill, bohemian vibe without going all out Coachella. This would be perfect for those days where it’s not hot out but it’s not super chilly.

How To: If you’re loving the whole bohemian and hippie trend you can easily recreate this look and probably with things you have in your closet! Just choose a flowy shirt and maybe a fringe or fur vest and you’re set!