ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blinging Up Basic

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blinging Up Basic

Ah, school, you make us pick such a difficult choice… to be fashionable, or comfortable? When all you can think about is studying for your next big test or finishing that 10 page essay that’s due tomorrow, dressing to impress can feel like a Herculean task! Well, worry no more, because as this savvy Fashionista shows, you can have your cake and eat it too! With a deft touch and some truly fabulous accessories, she turned a simple Old Navy sweater and jeans outfit for a study session into something super stylin’.

Firstly, booties are your best friend when it comes to giving your look that extra boost. When you want to give your silhouette a more slim shape, but not too slim, booties are a perfect pick for that happy medium. The earthy tones of these ones perfectly complement her shirt’s soft eggshell whites, giving her look a nice pop of color while still keeping it casual.

Meanwhile, her chokers and necklace give her shirt a cool chic twist. Black is basic enough to go with everything—and I mean everything—but still striking enough to make a bold statement. The chokers’ crystal and gold details help them sparkle and stand out, while still being small enough to not be too ‘in-your-face’ glitzy, and her necklace’s shimmering arrowhead design adds a nice little splash of bohemian glam.

Keeping up with the ‘bohemian glam’ theme, her set of antique rings complement her necklace perfectly. This Fashionista got her gorgeous set from her grandmother, so take note: if your own family has piles of beautiful heirlooms lying around the home, doing nothing but gathering dust, don’t let them go to waste! They can add a great touch of old world glamour (and sentiment!) to any outfit.

Finally, she tops this all off with a crescent moon shaped nose stud, giving her a groovy, offbeat edge. If you’re feeling daring, a nose piercing is a perfect way to add that personal finishing touch to your look. Pair them up with a set of matching earrings and your face will shine like a star!

So just remember, Fashionistas and Fashionistos, if you want to keep your look simple for your late night cram sessions, but you’d like to kick it up a notch, love your accessories, and they’ll be sure to love you back twice as much!

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