ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blend In And Stand Out

March 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

Let me start off by mentioning that we’ve been having an unusually warm winter in Oklahoma. This means students have two choices—wear something warm during the morning commute to class and getting too hot as the temperature rises or freeze in the morning in order to accommodate for the warm weather come mid-afternoon. Typically, that means passing students in shorts and sandals, as well as students still bundled up in their winter coats.

This Fashionisto chose to a look that falls somewhere in the middle. By wearing a sweater, he found the simple solution for those who struggle with the inevitable question of bringing a jacket along or not. What made this outfit unique is how he used small details and accessories to make it stand out amongst any other sweater and jeans combination. There are three details in this outfit that any guy can add to his style toolbox: cuffed jeans, minimalistic jewelry and cool sunglasses.

Starting from the bottom of his outfit, a simple cuffing of his jeans, combined with his Converse sneakers, screams major ‘50s throwback. This also helps with jeans that are just a bit too long to look cleaner, while drawing attention to the shoes.

The use of jewelry brings this outfit together. It is also an excellent example for any guy who wants to add jewelry to his outfits. A simple silver bracelet with two matching rings is the perfect amount of jewelry for a simple outfit.

Finally, what caught my eye was this Fashionisto’s sunglasses. They are the classic wayfarer Ray-Ban sunglasses, but have a unique colorway. From the front, they look like the standard black version, but there is actually a pop of tan that runs along the edges and the inside of the frames. These subtle details can really go a long way and make a simple look more interesting.

How To: Dark denim is a crucial basic in any man’s wardrobe. When shopping for accessories, think simple and go for minimalistic pieces that can be used for a variety of looks and occasions; jewelry should look effortless. Finally, add details; don’t be afraid to go for the pieces that have unique accents.