ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black Is The New Black

May 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

I know we’re all fully aware that spring is upon us and pastel colors and floral patterns are everywhere, but I also know that we can all agree that black is the quintessential timeless color. Nowadays, there are so many fabulous Fashionistas and Fashionistos out there rocking colored hair, so black is the perfect go-to color scheme for an outfit.

This Fashionista caught my eye in a flash with her vibrant hot pink hair. Her all-black outfit provided just the right canvas for her gorgeous colored locks to take the spotlight. To give her outfit some dimension through its monochromatic color scheme, she layered different black-colored textures. She wore an adorably grunge caged suspender skirt over a black knit top. For some warmth, she threw on a cozy asymmetrical coat. To beat the lingering spring chills, she kept her legs warm with some opaque tights. Subtle silver accents from her studded booties and coat zippers added some shine to her outfit amidst all these textures. Finally, she topped her look off with a cute black cap for some cohesiveness.

In short, all-black outfits don’t need to stay anchored in the fall and winter seasons. Weather permitting, all-black outfits are a near foolproof go-to look that can flexibly fit into your own personal style. The monochromatic style has lingered into spring and summer fashion in correlation to the trending numbers of Fashionistas/os with colored hair. I can attest to this and speak from experience with my currently fuschia ombré hair. Monochrome and colored hair just work together in such perfect harmony!

How To: Looking for a temporary colored hair fix? Try out some hair chalks on your hair and go crazy! This stuff washes off easily so there’s no commitment if you’re not ready to take the leap of actually coloring your hair yet. To show off your colors, stick with some trendy dark pieces like a caged suspender skirt or an asymmetrical coat!