ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black is the New Black

April 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

Many people believe you can never go wrong with wearing black. Black is classic, striking and slimming. However, although I am a lover of black and a true believer in the black-on-black outfit, I believe that it can often be boring if not paired with a few bold accessories. This Fashionista shows us how we can wear a black outfit that makes a statement, but looks sophisticated and fun all at the same time.

This Fashionista has paired a loose-fitting dress over a pair of black leggings. This makes the look sophisticated because it covers her backside and is not too form fitting, which is a mistake many girls often make. (Wearing leggings as pants is not a sophisticated look, girls). She has then put a leather jacket over top to add some edge to the look. The jacket serves as a statement piece and makes the look fun. To accentuate her all-black outfit, this Fashionista has topped it off with a beautiful oversized scarf. The contrast of the dark blue and gold print with the black leather jacket and the black dress makes the scarf really pop. The design on the scarf is interesting but not too loud, and this keeps the look classy and refined, and it dresses up the leather jacket.

Turning our attention to the beautiful natural leather bag this Fashionista is carrying, we can see this really stands out against the black. Sticking with a neutral color bag was a smart idea because it accentuates the colors in the scarf instead of clashing with them, and it coordinates nicely with her Ray-Bans as well. Just like the scarf, the bag is not a loud print or color which still keeps the look sophisticated.

How To: Love this look? It’s simple to imitate. Just put a black leather jacket over a black dress. Then, add a scarf with a print that appeals to you, and pair it with a neutral bag.