ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black Hats And Superstition

October 19th, 2015 at 2:10am

October brings with it black cats and witches on broomsticks, but how about felt hats and purple lipsticks? American Horror Story: Coven certainly nailed the felt hat look last fall when the coven was seen patrolling the streets of Orleans in different cuts of the very trendy hat. A felt hat with a bold lip just screams mysterious dark lady and, if done right, you won’t even need a spell to enchant the men.

This college Fashionista’s hat completes her look. The simple black hat really compliments her dark hair with magenta undertones; not to mention that sassy purple lip. The simple cotton blend shift dress with tall boots and boot socks is the epitome of fall. This Fashionista can easily play in the leaves, carve a pumpkin or hop on her broomstick. After all, being a witch never looked so fall.

The felt hat is a must have for the autumn season and easily transforms a simple fall outfit into something magical. It’s also great for covering up a bad hair day! Felt hats come in a variety of colors with maroon and black feeling the most fall-like. The hats can easily be paired with a dress, or a chunky sweater and ripped jeans. The pairings are endless.

How To: When it comes to wearing the hat, you gotta let your hair down, cue the music, but really though! Pair it with a simple dress, or an oversized sweater and cami with some booties and you can’t go wrong. Add a purple lip for a bold fall statement because plain old reds and pinks won’t do.