ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black And Leather

I’m a sucker for black leather. Winter, summer, spring or fall, I will try to find a way to incorporate it into any and every outfit that I can. While admittedly summer is not often considered to be “leather weather,” fall and the beginning of colder breezes make a strong case for a return of my beloved textile.

This Fashionisto knows how to use black leather to make a style statement. He combines his ripped skinny jeans with a pair of black perforated leather shoes. He continues this theme with two black leather cords with pendants, worn as necklaces. They perfectly complement his quilted shirt and add to the overall dark vibe of his outfit. His watch band is black leather as well, creating the very put together look that many seek, but few master. The chicest detail, however, was his black leather backpack. As a college student who still seeks to carry my books in style, I loved this accessory. I am constantly on the hunt to find a backpack that is stylish, yet functional. This one is perfect. Not only would it fit all of the things that I need for a full day of classes, club meetings and more, but it is also my favorite color/textile combination.

How To: Fall is the perfect time to give black leather a go. If you’re nervous about trying it for the first time, start out with one black leather accessory like a bracelet. Then work your way up to combining leather to create different looks like this Fashionisto.