ALL IN THE DETAILS: Better Watch Out

Cooler weather means covering up clothes that us Fashionistas/os usually love to show off. So how do we keep our outfits intriguing? Well, I’ll tell you a little secret: it’s all about the details. Articles from a hat to a belt to the shoes—and everything in between—are what really make the ensemble.

This Fashionisto does a fantastic job curating his outfit of the day—throwing in a few small accessories to make his look top notch. One key accessory is the watch. A watch does multiple things for your desired image, including but not limited to: 1) telling the time (duh) 2) adding the finishing touch to your outfit 3) making you look as classy as ever. Also, watches are great because there are about a million different styles to choose from, therefore making sure you can pick the perfect one.

Our Fashionisto chose a simple Fossil black wristband, gold-faced watch. The watch, not too big and flashy—nor too small—adds a businessman appeal to his outfit. He adds a few other details to his look with a warm scarf and the perfect, rustic brown pair of shoes. Did I say a black watch and brown shoes? Why, yes. Contrary to popular belief, you can mix your blacks and browns if you’re wise about it.

How To: Don’t know which watch to get? Choose a simple leather band (thick or thin, whichever you love most) with a face that doesn’t have rhinestones. Grab a black and brown one to go with almost any outfit in your closet!