ALL IN THE DETAILS: Best of Both Worlds

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Best of Both Worlds

When you need an outfit fast, it doesn’t mean you should leave the house mismatched. You don’t feel like going all out, but also want to avoid sweats. Don’t be afraid to do both. This winter we’re looking at pairing up the basics and adding a personal flare with the details.

This Fashionista chose a Paris sweatshirt from her summer travels for a vintage flare. The embroidery on the front gives an extra amount of color while bringing back some great memories. If you’re looking for just the right layers to match, don’t be afraid to pair it with a bomber jacket. It calls for a warmer winter day, but adds a sleek touch to your cozy crewneck.

When you don’t need your backpack, pick something small. She paired her outfit with a mini leather crossbody; it’s the perfect size for just the necessities when you’re on the run. On her feet are a pair of chunky slip-on black boots. These are low maintenance to put on and can complete any look. If you’re looking for a pop of color, add a colored beanie. As a fun final piece, she went with a mustard knit hat with the statement poof on top.

You can always rock something comfortable and cute at the same time. Whether it’s a statement coat and crewneck, or a colored beanie to personalize your look, take some time to look into the details of your outfit this semester. Sometimes you just need an outfit that does both.