September 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

The beginning of fall is always the best part of the season. Besides the start of pumpkin spice everything, it’s the happy medium to mix summer and winter clothing. It easily becomes your outlet to experiment with any type of style. It’s not unbearably hot or terribly cold. This Fashionista I caught walking around downtown Columbia knew exactly what I was talking about.

Just because the colder season is rapidly approaching, wasn’t an excuse for this Fashionista to head straight to the leggings, over sized sweatshirts and messy buns. She styled her staple piece, striped T-shirt dress with a textured berry leather jacket and a pair of black booties. The thing that truly caught my eye was the accessories she added along to really stand out. I’m a true believer in the fact that accessories can either make or break your look. They work so easily because you can rearrange, switch, remove or add everything around without having to completely switch up your outfit. This Fashionista stacked up on rings, a strappy watch, a fringe necklace and added a black floppy hat to top it off.

Details have really become essential when it comes to expressing your style. They spark individuality. Sure someone can be wearing almost the exact same outfit as you but it’s the accessories and little things that set it apart to make it unique. This has formed into a way for Fashionista/os to break the standards of what society has defined and limited on fashion. Wearing what makes you feel confident is what style is all about. The world of fashion is constantly evolving and it starts with all the little details changed by you.

How To: Want to emulate this Fashionista’s RAD outfit? Here’s how! Pair any T-shirt dress with a leather jacket and a pair of booties. Use neutrals in the same color palette and then choose a bold color of pop. Also who ever said you can’t mix brown with black or gold with silver? Not me! Don’t be afraid to pair them up. The key to tie it all together is to load up on any type of accessories. Ta da! Now you’re ready to fabulously take on anything.