Feel like baseball hats immediately dress down your look? This Fashionista proves that they don’t have to. Even though it’s technically spring, we’re still experiencing winter weather here in Ithaca. There’s been less snow lately, but the strong winds are relentless. That’s where this Fashionista’s Vineyard Vines baseball hat comes in.

Baseball hats are not only perfect for bad hair days but also for bad weather days. There’s no greater frustration than having your newly curled or straightened locks completely demolished as soon as you walk outside. On first thought, it doesn’t seem like there’s much we can do. I typically resort to putting up the hood on my jacket, if it has one. However, baseball hats can have the same protective effect, plus they’re the perfect addition to any preppy or sporty number.

This Fashionista chose the preppy route with her Vineyard Vines hat. However, there are a lot of sporty choices as well. I like this sweat-resistant Nike hat, which is perfect for working out. Under Armour produces a similar baseball hat that is also great for creating a sporty look.

The other elements of this Fashionista’s look are both fashionable and practical. The weather in Ithaca isn’t warm enough for skirts or shorts yet, but she still channels spring by dressing in bright colors. I love her hot pink polo, which is both fun and functional. Her Sperry Top-Siders also complete this preppy look and channel warmer weather.

How To: Styling a baseball hat is easy. Throw your hair up into a ponytail and then guide it through the hold in the back of the hat. Pair it with a polo and Sperry Top-Siders if you’re going for a preppy look, or a workout shirt if you’re hitting the gym.