November 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

Men have it so easy—at least that is what a woman says every time she has to do something challenging that a man doesn’t have to. This applies to the art of creating an outfit, where a man throws on a shirt and jeans and thinks he will slay as long as he goes to the gym, shaves once a month and sprays cologne that costs him more than $10.

This Fashionisto obviously understands the ease of being a proper man because he is taking advantage of the timeless trend of button-ups. Has this trend ever gone out of style? No, and it never will. We are going to be riding around in time machines and space cars or whatever the future holds, while our husbands continue to wear their button-ups because they can.

I guess we should talk about it now. He is taking advantage of the swooning ability of the average college female by making his blue eyes pop even more than they already do. Swoon, am I right ladies? Those deep blues also match perfectly with the khakis. There’s a nice flow of color, since subtlety is the new black. His gray Vans signify that he is a cool cat and ready for whatever life has to throw at him. The gray tone doesn’t clash with any part of his outfit because it isn’t a harsh black or white that stands out significantly. I would suggest gray Vans for any guy because they maintain the flow of any outfit without clashing.

Now for the watch. This would be a personal swoon since my consistent readers understand my love of jewelry. A watch is the jewelry of a man’s world. It can represent success, casualty or formality depending on how you wear it. If you want to be looked at like a B.O.S.S. you should consider investing in one fellas.