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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bangles and Button-Downs

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bangles and Button-Downs

When it comes down to it, the tiny details and accessories you pair with your outfits can make or break your look. This Fashionista finds easy ways to add personal flairs to her look while still adding the perfect amount of accessories.

This Fashionista crafts an adorable top out of a your typical white button-down. By cuffing the sleeves, unbuttoning the first few top buttons and pulling the top over her shoulders, she crafts a trendy, yet easy way to put a spin on your basic white button-down. Whether it’s your boyfriend’s, your brother’s, or even your father’s, this look is one that anyone can get their hands on. This Fashionista transforms a typically modest and structured piece into a fun, off-the-shoulder top.

She tucks her top into a patterned, A-line skirt. Its fun pattern and distressed ends add the perfect contrast from the classic top to her tribal print skirt. She keeps her shoes simple by pairing a classic pair of light, suede booties.

For accessories, she keeps them minimal wearing a Chan Luu wrap bracelet, a Michael Kors turquoise ring as well as a cobalt blue, Hermès bangle. The bangle’s color pairs well with her skirt as it does enough to emphasize the different blues in the skirt without matching the colors too much. Her round, silver necklace enhances the deep V-neck illusion the button-down gives, which helps to break up the skin while not taking away from the careful positioning of her top.

My personal favorite accessory has to be her floppy, black wool hat. The hat creates a more boho look that ties together the pattern of the skirt as well as the relaxed positioning of her button down. The texture of the hat also gives the overall outfit a more sophisticated edge, which goes along perfectly with her button-down, while still creating a fun, trendy, and stylish ensemble.