Have you ever put together an awesome outfit, but for some reason felt like something was missing? Sometimes the solution can be as easy as tucking your shirt in or even ironing your skirt. But other times, the key factor in really perfecting an outfit is an accessory.

Even though this Fashionista insisted that she only wore her hat as a last minute decision, I loved how the piece put the whole look together. Instead of simply being just a gray sweater with some (wicked) destroyed white denim, the hat added extra personality and style. And because it’s the end of the semester and everyone seems to be walking around campus like zombies, this is an even more impressive feat. And this Fashionista aced the test, putting together a cute yet casual outfit wrapped together by a ball cap and black sneakers.

It’s easy to get caught up in statement clothing pieces, but sometimes the real key to finishing off an outfit is a fabulous accessory. Whether it’s a beautiful pair of white platform shoes, a dainty necklace or even a girly ball cap like this Fashionista wore, accessories have the ability to take an outfit from basic to beautiful with just a small switch. So instead of being afraid of mixing styles or pieces, try out a few accessories to get your outfit just the way you like it.

How To: Like this Fashionista, pair a muted ensemble with a stand out accessory—like a floppy tassel hat or gold trainers. Instead of feeling like your outfit is sorely missing something, involve key accessories to give it that finishing touch.