There’s a lot that’s gush-worthy about this Fashionistos outfit (the watch, the hat, the color palette), but at risk of talking at length about how much I love even the knit of his sweater, we’ll narrow in on the backpack slung casually over his shoulders.

It’s becoming increasingly trendy for men to accessorize with bags; the addition of “murse” into common vernacular is evidence in and of itself. While one could raise the question of the necessity of gendering handbags, I’ll push that conversation aside. Instead I’ll point out that for anyone who loathes cargo shorts, using a bag is an excellent opportunity to toss those to the curb. You get storage accompanied by style. There are a number of bag options to suit both personal style and purpose. You can go preppy and rock an affordable weekender, channel your professional side with a smart satchel or if you’re that in love with this Fashionistos bag, get one similar to his rad original. Regardless, there is something for everyone.

Now, if you’re lost on how to introduce bags into your day-to-day look, no worries. It’s best to start off by keeping things casual. This Fashionisto himself noted, “I’m not super flashy. I just add little hints here and there. I don’t consider myself a Fashionisto.” His attitude definitely translates to his outfit. His backpack is an addition that’s just trendy enough to give off an air of confidence in his personal style while also being understated. Burgundy is an awesome color for fall and coincidentally similar to Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala. Both factors make it the perfect choice to be used as a bold color accent. The gray texture of the backpack keeps things visually interesting while also breaking up the burgundy elements. This helps the overall look of the backpack be neutral enough to go with day-to-day outfits.

This Fashionisto told me (shockingly) that he doesn’t actually put too much effort into putting together his outfits, it really just depends on the day. Clearly that’s a philosophy we should all start ascribing to since his look is proof alone that he’s doing something right.

How To: Bags aren’t just for women, gentleman. If you’re cautious about adding a bag to your look, take advantage of the backpack you need for school and match fashion with function for your first foray into accessorizing. Look for styles that are unique in their own to add a little something extra to your outfit, but also versatile since you’ll be using your bag on a daily basis.