ALL IN THE DETAILS: Backpack, Backpack

The backpack is a necessity for all students regardless of age. Backpacks are the classic bag that both boys and girls need. Although, in college, there are more liberties on what you can carry around to hold all your stuff, but the backpack is still the number one holder for all things. What better way to stylize your look than with a backpack? Back in high school, the JanSport classic was the go-to pack, but these days there are so many types of backpacks, ranging from Herschel’s to MCM’s studded bags that will fit your personality and style!

Here, this Fashionista is carrying this adorable small, floral backpack, which I assume has all her books and essentials. The bag’s tone is light, so it evens out the heaviness of her outfit. Since her ensemble is denim on denim, it is good that she is not wearing a tote bag. A tote bag would be too much of a distraction with what she already has going on. Plus, her bright neon Nike tennis shoes already fit with the whole casual vibe she has going on. With this look, this Fashionista is ready for those long hours at school! However, a backpack can be more than just for school. In fact, you can wear this accessory to the mall, on hikes or other various activities. Also, it’s a great alternative for people who have scoliosis.

How To: Honestly, you can wear any outfit with a backpack and still look fabulous! I know some people hesitate to carry around a backpack because it ruins an outfit, but this item is so universal you can pair with any outfit. Some recommendations would be pairing it with a skater skirt for those feminine ladies, or a jumpsuit, which is similar to what today’s Fashionista has going on.