This Fashionista returns back in black for this spring semester, ready to take on the season’s chill in her coolest attire.

Sporting a sleek fur vest over a black cable-knit sweater, she keeps warm by layering up and utilizing faux fur as a winter staple. Contrasting dark accents with distressed, straight blue jeans that have a thick leather belt wrapped around them, this Fashionista crafts a cool and casual look to perfectly kick off her semester’s style.

The black fur vest is super sleek and classy, as it adds a glamorous, yet edgy, flare to the outfit. The black-on-black look keeps the fur subtle and cool, providing a unique and creative variation to this year’s vest trend.

Her layered necklaces, with boho-inspired tassels and wooden beads, add a free-spirited vibe to the rugged nature of the outfit. Each wooden or silver bead is strung by thick, cream colored hemp and decorated with unique, earthy hues. This detail perfect ties together this Fashionista’s balance between a casual and edgy style.

With straight cut, blue distressed jeans, she keeps the look a bit more laid back, as the fur vest could give off a more serious vibe. The casual look is solidified with weathered, flat booties.

This Fashionista proves her ability to stay true to her own style while being subtly influenced by current trends with crafting this outfit. She has conquered a classic winter look, nailing use of trending styles without masking her own personal taste.

So, take this Fashionista’s tips and keep warm this semester in style. Layer up with faux fur and boxy sweaters, but utilize personal touches and tiny details to create your coolest look in the coolest weather.