ALL IN THE DETAILS: Back At It Again With The White Vans

Your name doesn’t have to be Daniel for you to appreciate a nice pair of white Vans. White sneakers of any kind are the best spring accessory. They’re sleek, stylish, sporty and daring all at once. With a pair of white sneakers, you can go from looking like you’re taking a casual stroll on the boardwalk to skater girl-chic. On top of that, white sneakers are simple and easy to style.

Forget every rule about white, especially when it comes to white sneakers. Don’t worry about getting them dirty (it adds character) or wearing them after a specific date (literally no one cares). They’re a fashion staple that everyone should have in their closet. You know that cool kid from elementary school who always seemed to command attention and garner everyone’s laughs? You’ll feel just like them if you put on a pair of white sneakers.

This Fashionista decided to use the sporty, masculine aspect of her sneakers to contrast her flowy, feminine dress. Her dress is the essence of spring, light, breezy and free, while still being subdued and minimal with a basic color scheme. Right beneath her dress you can see her purple lace bra playing peek-a-boo to add a bit of fun and trendiness to the outfit. The entire look comes together and showcases both sides of her style and personality.

The sheer force of white Vans alone aren’t what makes this look work. It’s also this Fashionista’s minimalism and subtlety. Simple details like her sunglasses and crescent moon necklace really help this outfit soar. They also add unique touches that work as indicators of her own personal style.

How To: This is a super easy look to replicate! All you need is a pair of white sneakers, a flowy summer dress and a cute bralette.