ALL IN THE DETAILS: Arm Candy Gone Wild

The Coachella and festival-inspired look has been all over the place this summer, and while I love flash tattoos and fringe jackets as much as the next girl, it’s a little tough to accomplish that boho style in your everyday life and still keep things looking effortless. However, this Fashionista managed to do just that.

She kept the main aspects of her outfit simple with a sleeveless cowl neck sweater over distressed denim shorts. Her woven leather sandals are easy and cool, bringing in some earthy tones similar to the mustard color of her sweater. Then, she went crazy with accessories. Mixing different types of jewelry and making sure everything isn’t too matchy-matchy is the best way to get that easy summer look. Her layered silver necklace adds interest to an otherwise simple top, but it’s her hands where things really get crazy. Stacking rings, bracelets and anklets is such a fun way to show off your style and utilize your jewelry collection. I absolutely love her ring made out of the handle of a spoon, as well as the beaded and string bracelets all in the same color family. She even had on a silver hoop nose ring and silver studs. While mixing metals is more than okay in my book, I really like the all-silver trend she had going on, contrasting with the warmer tones of her top and shoes.

This is such a fun and easy look that could go from Firefly Festival to hanging out with friends. I love that she took a trend and totally made it her own, clearly not worrying too much about whether or not everything matched perfectly, since that’s what makes this outfit so awesome. It’s the epitome of easy, summer fun!

How To: If you’re anything like me, you might already have a drawer full of random bracelets that you aren’t quite sure what to do with. This Fashionista’s accessories inspired me to dig into those long-forgotten gems and just stack them up! However, if you’re looking for some new arm candy, I’d suggest getting some inexpensive bracelets from some of your favorite stores or local boutiques in your area. Or, make things simple and go for a pack of bracelets. You already know they’ll look great together, and you can even mix them in with things you already have. And, last but not least, get crafty! Why not go back to your summer camp roots and make some friendship bracelets out of colored string? In my opinion, it’s way more fun than just buying them, plus then they’re totally unique.