It is finally spring! Spring is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons. There are pretty floral and pastel patterns, flowers blooming on campus, and an increase in temperatures. Spring is full of so much color; it is like a breath of fresh air. Once I do some spring cleaning by packing away my heavy winter coats and scarves, I feel a new pep in my step. However, the spring season brings more than just fun colors and pretty flowers, with spring there comes plenty of rainfall. The old saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” is not a myth. My fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos, do not let rain curb your style.

I found a Fashionista on campus that had perfected the fresh, spring look and I wanted to share it with the rest of you! This Fashionista caught my eye because she was rocking a clean and simple look. If you are not too big on wearing patterns and are sometimes intimidated by loud spring fashion, don’t worry; you can still embrace the season just how this Fashionista has done. The Fashionista’s light gray shirt with the little cutout detail is perfect for a rainy day. The long sleeves help for when it is still a bit chilly outside, and the cutout adds a nice touch of elegance. This shirt is very versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down. She also added a dainty gold necklace that peeked out of the shirt. This accessory jazzed up the outfit with a feminine feel. For pants, this Fashionista threw on a pair of trendy, ripped jeans. These jeans make for a great casual outfit to wear to class. Since the occasional rain shower may spring up on her, she carried an umbrella just in case. An umbrella is a functional accessory for your spring outfit. She had a simple, gray one that matched her outfit and kept her dry. To complete this look, she kept her makeup on the minimal side. With a little highlight and liquid lipstick, she looked effortlessly put together.

I hope you all are as excited about spring as I am. I cannot wait to see more looks around campus to try out for myself. Express yourself and welcome spring with open arms!

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