April 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

As a Fashionista, it is important to have confidence in everything you wear. Whether your personal style is minimalistic, military style, boho or a mix between a few, once you’re connected to your fashion persona, your personality will radiate through the way you dress.

This Fashionista did not refrain from expressing herself in her outfit. She described her style as “fun.” She is poised to tell a story in her clothing. For this outfit, she really utilized her accessories in order to tell that story. This look is really about who she is.

The most memorable part of the look is in the details, her accessories. There are the dozens of patches that she individually adds to her light wash denim jacket. These patches represent her views, cities she’s traveled to, her favorite books and also her favorite movies and television shows. Right next to the patches are a few buttons that tell the same story including her political views, love for food and appreciation for Disney Pixar.

More traditional accessories are her black stud earrings and many necklaces. This Fashionista is not afraid to bring in the ‘90s with her vintage choker necklace paired with a gold chain necklace with a teal stone pendant. The coolest of her three necklaces is her KSNY X Darcel Girl Pendant, which is sold out everywhere.

How To:  Have you ever been nervous to wear your favorite accessories? You don’t need a specific look to look good. Express your individuality and don’t forget the details, your accessories. It can really pull your story together. If you want to start making your own expressive piece, you can start off with a basic denim jacket and add patches on from there.