ALL IN THE DETAILS: Another Look At Those Basics

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Another Look At Those Basics

Let’s be honest: dressing cute every day can be a struggle. Between classes, homework, work, and friends, sometimes it’s just easier to throw on your comfiest T-shirt and your favorite jeans instead of spending hours trying to find a comfortable, flattering, and trendy outfit combination. If only there was a way to wear your tried-and-true wardrobe favorites without people questioning how long it’s been since you’ve done the laundry. Well, fear not fellow Fashionistas because this month’s Fashionista shows you how to create a fresh outfit out of staple pieces you already own.

Everyone has their favorite staple pieces. These include the denim jacket that you can throw over anything, your beat up sneakers that have gone everywhere with you, those jeans that hug just the right places and make you walk with confidence, etc. The staple pieces we have are staples for a reason: they’re reliable, comfortable, make you look good, and are probably filled with memories—just like old friends. The problem with staples is that we wear them so much that they start to lose the life they once had. This Fashionista takes some of her wardrobe staples, such as her olive green jacket, black moto boots, and oversize denim button-down, and mixes them with interesting details and accessories to give new life to some of her favorite pieces.

Underneath her olive green jacket and denim button-down, she wears a simple gray T-shirt dress with a unique knotted detail, emphasizing her waist. Despite her outfit’s many layers, the solid neutral colors of each piece serve as the perfect backdrop for the collar of her plaid button-down and necklaces. She continues to accessorize her outfit with fun elements such as her rings and flirty “babe” denim baseball cap. Her outfit would be incomplete without her black moto boots.

The details in this Fashionista’s outfit, from the pop of red plaid to the knot in her dress to her quirky jewelry, take an otherwise plain outfit and infuse it with personality and vibrancy. So this month, challenge yourself to rework some of your favorite pieces by focusing on layers and adding fun details and accessories. Your old “friends” will thank you for the breath of fresh air you’ve given them.

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