ALL IN THE DETAILS: Animated Accessories

May 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Accessories are an integral part of any college student’s outfit. Whether muted to blend in, or bold to spice things up, those around you sense its presence. So what do you do if you’re looking to make those extra pieces pop? Go for the youthful varsity look, where fun accessories are meant to thrive.

It’s important to keep color palettes in mind when creating a school-inspired look. The more random the colors, the younger the student will appear. This Fashionista went for a more mature varsity look, sticking with a dark blue, similar to UConn’s school colors. The printed patch on the jacket makes the look more authentic, and unapologetically school-spirited. Baggy and distressed denim are the more structured version of sweatpants, providing both comfort and style. With laced up-up Converse All-Stars at the rolled-up hem, this Fashionista is comfortably cool.

Character faces are tough to add to an outfit, but the pieces this Fashionista carries make it easy. Let’s start with the essential piece: the backpack. Without a sizable pouch to hold every book, pencil and miscellaneous school item, a student would be lost. This backpack checks all the boxes by its easy to match color, decent size and cartoon-cool face. The yellow eyes on this Fashionista’s Fendi backpack pop without looking like a mascot. Another fun accessory is the phone case. The bulky size and shape of this Moschino case may not fit everyone (or their pockets), but its teddy bear facade is too cute to resist.

How To: Before you pile on the accessories, go for a basic fabric like denim. Once you’ve got your base layer, try a mouth-shaped phone case or a pair of fast food headphones as your stand out accessory. They’re functional and easy to take away if your day calls for a more serious venue.