Friends is one of my favorite television shows. I mean, what’s not to love about a young Matt LeBlanc? Nothing, absolutely nothing. More important than the hunky male roles (I am also a big fan of Ross), I love the fashion of Friends. The ’90s are considered to be “the death of fashion,” however I would beg to differ. The ’90s were simpler times for fashion, probably because everyone thought the world was going to end with the coming of the century.

This outfit, and the fashion of the current moment, is drawing a lot of inspiration from the ’90s. Scrunchies and white tennis shoes seem to be the accessories of choice for everyday wear. This Fashionista is wearing flowy shorts, which almost remind me of parachute pants. Additionally, the tight lace-up shirt pairs well with the flowing silhouette of the shorts.

What struck me about this particular lace-up top was the strings on the collar. These gave the shirt a more childlike feel, like something Wendy would have worn in Casper the Friendly Ghost. This shirt is a little revealing, and not something I would say is “class appropriate.” However, if you have a night out on the town coming up, I would definitely say to give this outfit a try.

Dressing for the springtime can be difficult. The temperature is 45 degrees when you leave the house in the morning and 65 degrees by the time you are done with your first class of the day. It’s important to dress in comfortable, breathable layers in order to remain as efficient as possible when dressing for spring. Most importantly, remember that your personal style should always shine through when trying to keep up with the latest trends!

How to: First, start with finding a pair of great flowy shorts. Then, find a top that matches and has a little bit more of an edge to it—not your classic solid colored T-shirt. Then, pair the outfit with whatever pair of booties you would like!