September 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

The bikini and body chain combo was no stranger to Instagram feeds and swimsuit websites alike this past summer, but let’s face it––a delicate body chain isn’t the most convenient thing to haul to the beach with you, not to mention wear while tanning! With summer coming to a close, what better way to make use of any chains you donned in the past (or hope to wear in the future) by pairing them with key pieces you’re wearing now as the weather cools down and bikini days become less ideal.

This Fashionista took the most most classic piece in the book––the little black dress––and completely transformed it into her own eye-catching look. With a basic black dress, some monotone heels and an awesome bralette-style body chain, she let the jewelry speak for itself while achieving an understated edginess to her look. With the simple addition of this elegant jewelry piece, she’s now completely ready for a date night, formal sorority function, or girl’s night out––the list goes on because of the simplicity and versatility of the classic LBD, yet her fresh uptake confirms the mantra that it’s really all in the details.

This look could be almost identically recreated with a romper (usually my choice, since I’m short and most dresses I buy need to be hemmed), or a two-piece set like those that many brands have been releasing over the past months. Body chains range greatly in price and style, all dependent on your preferences. There are plenty of more simple body chains that are less of an investment and can easily achieve a similar vibe.

Keep your look classic and trendy this fall by incorporating body chains into your simplest outfits!

How To: The great part about rocking body chains? They can be as dramatic or as subtle as you choose to make them. If this type of look is a bit too bold for you, simply layer the chain under whatever you chose to wear it with, whether a casual, flowy tank top or the classic little black dress. Having the chain peak out without being too flashy or noticeable is the perfect way to accessorize your outfit in a unique yet understated way.