ALL IN THE DETAILS: All-Black With A Dash Of Color

No matter the season, through snow, rain, sleet and the occasional sunny day, it’s important to still wear a chic outfit, that is durable enough to face the elements. Often times, it’s difficult to think of an outfit that’ll turn heads when the weather is so cold, but this Fashionisto caters to the temperature outdoors while catering to the fashion savvy. With a monochromatic ensemble, it’s vital to steer away from looking overly drab.

You can never go wrong with a slim, all-black look, yet having the option to add a pop of color is a must! This tasteful look comes together perfectly from head to toe. This Fashionisto’s textured black sweater keeps him cozy yet sleek. His black jeans keep the fitted silhouette into play, while his charcoal gray and black overcoat gives off the perfect tailored look. Not only does this wool coat give a sophisticated persona, but he will also stay toasty during the windy trek to class. To keep this look textured, he opted to carry a large black leather Coach handbag. Even with the snakeskin-like detail on his leather bag, the details did not stop there. This Fashionisto had a RAD monogram on the tag.

However, the piece that really caught my eye in this entire look was the pop of his burgundy pair of Dr. Martens. The deep red color gave enough contrast without being overbearing. A pair of edgy combat boots is vital for trudging through an unexpected snowstorm on campus, but still looking stylish while doing so. To top off this muted look, he subtly accessorized with an all black smartwatch on one wrist, with two silver bracelets, one monogramed and the other in the style of a nail.

Not even the winter blues can stop this Fashionisto from putting together this minimal, simplistic look, yet having it look extremely dynamic.

How To: Have a monochromatic wardrobe you want to spice up? Take note with this Fashionisto and wear a pair of boots that pop with color to make your winter look go from drab to fab.