ALL IN THE DETAILS: All About the Overall Dress

April 20th, 2016 at 2:10am

Spring has finally come and brought us some fresh flowers, nice breezy weather and an abundance of sunlight! I am hoping the beautiful weather stays with us for a while before it becomes unbearably hot. The fashion scene during spring is definitely the most prevalent and adventurous season. There always seems to be incredible colors and trends that make people explore their own fashion sense a bit more.

This Fashionista shows a more simple spring look, but still very eye-catching around campus.This Fashionista’s most striking piece in this outfit are her amazing sunglasses! These unique cat eye sunglasses stand out because of the gold coloring and geometric design. They are an effortless add-on to any outfit, but definitely give off a cool-girl vibe while walking through campus.

The piece that makes this Fashionista’s outfit so fit for the new season is the light jean overall dress. This light color makes it refreshing for a springtime look and is also easy to pair with basic shirts underneath. This Fashionista picked a perfect black and white striped long sleeved top to wear under the overall dress. The laced chest part of the shirt barely peeks over the top of the dress, adding just enough detail to the outfit. She finishes the outfit with a clean pair of white slip-on Vans. These shoes make the outfit appear more retro and make for the perfect outfit to wear to class.

How To: Transforming this outfit into more of a summertime look is an easy transition. The long sleeve might be a little toasty for the warm summer days, instead put a laced short sleeve or tank top on! You could also add a few more accessories, like some bold rings or stacks of bracelets.