ALL IN THE DETAILS: Adore The Fedora

There is nothing more unforgiving than having a perfectly crafted up-do ruined by a sudden gust of wind. Luckily, the Fashionista Gods delivered us fedoras to protect our hair from particularly breezy days. Whether you are on a trip to the beach or just happen to be walking the streets during a windy day, a fedora is a great accessory to spice up any outfit, while making sure your hair isn’t a hot mess.

I caught up with this Fashionista on her way back from brunch on a lakeside boardwalk. While I had to sacrifice my hair to the confines of a ponytail, due to the whiplash I was getting from the breeze off the water, this Fashionista kept her hair secure and fabulous in a black wool-blend fedora.

Along with her fedora, our Fashionista  accessorized her outfit with a black and gold statement necklace and a pair of matching gold climber earrings with an intricate design. To further accentuate her gray and black ensemble, she wears a pair of over-the-knee leather boots and black leggings with silver zip detail on the hips.

The use of a fedora makes this Fashionista’s outfit go from comfy to chic. With a striped oversized cardigan and all-black ensemble, this outfit could be worn for a leisurely day indoors or to a casual hang out with friends. Adding a fedora with a ribbon band makes the look more upscale and the perfect outfit for a brunch date. The wind can be tricky for Fashionistas who love to let their hair down, but that is no excuse to stay indoors or settle on a messy pony tail. This Fashionista shows that no matter what mother nature may throw at us, she’s got nothing on a classic fedora and a killer Fashionista attitude.

How To: Add a fedora to any outfit and you’ll look instantly more trendy.  For more spring styles, go with a tan or colored fedora. Going out for a dinner date? Stick to a classic black or gray fedora.