May 23rd, 2017 at 2:00am

Orange beanie, blue jacket with super cool pins, camouflage backpack, and a shoelace as a belt—there’s something that worked about all of these items being mixed together to create this simple yet cool look. May in New York has such indecisive weather that any Fashionista must remain alerted at all time with a jacket, umbrella, or sunscreen to feel prepared for the day, this is why this look has so many incorporated features that made him ready to conquer the day come rain or shine!

When talking about his particular look for the day, the conversation of graduating in just a few weeks, and how his style will soon have to change as he’ll enter the business world really impacts his choices during his free time. This is when he’s able to express himself in multiple ways and really be ambitious with his style choices.

First off, let’s admire his bright neon beanie, which adds the perfect pop to a cloudy day and instantly draws the attention to his look. Next, his sunglasses serve as such a great feature, especially for the ever-changing weather, and they provide the sleek and in charge persona. I loved that his outfit in whole looked easy and simple, but when you looked at each item he chose they were so different yet tied together to create a unique style. The camouflage backpack added a splash of color and pattern along with his checkered black and gray Vans.

This spring has been the time for bomber jackets pins and patches galore, so when this Fashionista said he found his jacket for $6 at a thrift store, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to grab it! He added his own touch my starting a small collection of added pins to the front side of his jacket. His pants may look like one solid color, but up close they are a stripped pattern mixed with blue, gray, and black lines in a cropped cut, all held together with a simple white shoelace because sometimes you just can’t find a particular item in the morning when you’re rushing to class.

Never believe an outfit can’t look simple and well put together, even with so many different details and patterns. Between going to school and his part-time job, hanging out with friends, and the New York weather, this outfit is versatile, fun, and simple, bringing together contrasting patterns, colors, and even a shoelace belt to pull off this look.