Cold weather has nothing on us Michiganders. Though we are knee-deep in the winter season, there is no stopping us from strutting our favorite looks and of course, the latest fashion trends. While most of our day-to-day outfits require a warm winter jacket, seminars in big lecture halls and discussions in small classrooms give us the perfect opportunity to strip away those down parkas and show off our stylish clothing.

This Fashionista was on her way to class when I found her. I was immediately drawn to the bright pop of color she wore in her Aldo crossbody purse. Though the dark colors of the winter season sometimes put a damper on what hues we feel are acceptable to wear, she wore it with ease. The mustard yellow tone of the bag creates the perfect contrast from the navy blue in both her sweater and skinny jeans. Even the gold chains work well with the other accessories she pairs with this look. The brown shade of her boots allow for the attention to be focused elsewhere, like her bag, as they tie in nicely with the basis of her outfit. Her sweater too acts as a neutral background for the rest of the colors she puts together.

The back of our Fashionista’s sweater features a large cut-out, showing just enough skin to create a flirty appearance, while not revealing too much. While it might be just a little too chilly outside to go without the coat, this sweater style is perfect for taking a seat in class. By adding a silver Fossil watch with corresponding Alex and Ani bracelets, she was able to dress up her outfit while still staying true to the casual style she had intended on. To finish her look, our Fashionista threw on a plaid scarf to bring out the blues in her outfit. The red blocks stick out brightly against her sweater, but the blue stripes tie it all together, matching well with the stitching in her sweater. The occasional yellow stripes help tie in her bag, too. Plus, this easy accessory will help keep her warm on the cold walks to class. Her navy nail polish is an added bonus to wrap up this timeless look.

Though warm winter jackets will remain in our wardrobes for the next few months in Michigan, there are still plenty of ways to stay fashionable on campus. Use this #RAD look as an inspiration and see what you can come up with.