Many people think of spring as a time that requires an overabundance of colorful clothing. Whether soft pastels or eye-catchingly bright neon, people all over look to add color into their wardrobe as the warm weather begins to set in. What many people don’t know, however, is the impact that a simple pop of color can have on an outfit. The conclusion of winter and welcoming of spring does not mean that Fashionistas must completely lock away all clothing that has colors typically associated with winter. These articles of clothing, especially those with interesting patterns, many times are completely functional and stylish as spring and summer apparel as well. One of the most effective ways to transform a winter color into the perfect spring attire is to add the detailing of a color that will make the entire piece stand out.

This Fashionista perfectly exemplifies the impact that just a small pop of color can have on an otherwise neutrally colored ensemble. Overall, the color scheme of this Fashionista’s outfit is very calm and classic. This is changed, however, with the power coming from the colored detail. Although the detailing is small, the orange lining that laces the sides of the shorts makes a large contribution to the nature of the outfit. Not only does this orange line add color to the outfit as a whole, but it also extenuates and draws focus to the interesting pattern that appears on the shorts. The lining highlights the dynamic nature of the shorts, with their patterns and overlapping layers. This pop of color is so important because of the contrast it brings to an otherwise conforming outfit. The free-flowing nature of the entire outfit works to present a look that is comfortable and laid back, yet completely chic and stylish.

Along with the many other details that this Fashionista has used in order to style her outfit, the pop of color is the most eye-catching and noticeable aspect of the ensemble. It draws the eye of the viewer to the staple piece of the outfit: the shorts. In order to truly emphasize the shorts and their colored lining, the Fashionista kept the rest of her outfit very simple. Her free-flowing white tank top is the perfect blank slate to show off her small and classy necklace detail. Finished with a pair of sunglasses, this Fashionista is ready to take on the day!

How To: The season has switched over to spring, but you’re not ready to embrace the total excitement of color. What do you do? Find a patterned romper or dress characterized by a small pop of color detail amongst a neutrally colored base! This happy medium is the perfect solution for a cute spring look.