ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Plaid Transformation

Now that  it is FINALLY feeling like fall here in Maryland, all the usual fall essentials start to come out. Flannels, boots, booties, scarves…you name it. Everyone is trying to keep warm as the temperatures start their quick decline into the upcoming winter weather.

I spotted this college Fashionista on my way back from the main part of campus to my apartment, and at first look it seems like she’s just donning all the usuals for the fall season. But upon further inspection, it is easy to see that she made all the trends in her outfit her own.

The first trend was her flannel. She chose to sport a color that is not seen too often, with a very complementing cream color base for the top, accented with hints of red and grey. Next we can take a look at her awesome Chelsea boot inspired booties. She raved to me saying that she got them from T.J.Maxx for only $20 dollars! What I love about these is the extra detail of the braided leather right above the heel. This makes something that usually basic, much more chic and personalized. Then of course, we can’t neglect her awesome gray infinity scarf. Though definitely a “basics” piece, I love the woven texture of this scarf. Also how well it pairs with the hints of gray in her flannel! But by far my favorite “accessory” on this gorgeous Fashionista (other than her smile) is her auburn hair! This hair is totally on trend right now for the fall and winter months. And the great thing is there is a shade for everyone. You can achieve this look with Feria hair products (which I have used, and LOVED).

So how can you achieve this great, and easy fall look?

How To: Buy a flannel. These pieces are not only great because they can be dressed up or dressed down. But, most of them are constructed using a thicker, more durable, and warmer fabric. So it’s a win, win, win, WIN for you! Plus…dabble in some hair color changes! People are too afraid to experiment, but I say go for it! If you’re not into using chemicals, try henna-based dye! Or if you are afraid of commitment, try temporary and semi-permanent dyes!