ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Painting Or A Pair Of Sneakers?

The sun is bright, and the wind has calmed. It is the perfect spring morning. It is the time of year where you can sit outside and read a book. If the flowers bloomed, you can add to that list of things to do—smell the flowers. It is my favorite time of year because Fashionistos who are used to wearing sweats in the winter start to dress like they care. They’ll put on their favorite pair of sneakers and a nice pair of jeans. They’ll fix their hair and look fantastic, and no one will be able to look away.

With his perfectly slicked back hair, this Fashionisto is wearing a striped blue and gray crewneck sweater. He pairs it with a pair of dark blue slim jeans. These hang perfectly over the detail that caught my eye: a pair of black sneakers. They are the perfect statement shoes. He is wearing a pair of leather sneakers that include two different shades of the leather. On the darker leather, there is red stitching. Also, there is a red trim of fabric on the eyebrow of the sneaker that sneaks through the beige laces. Lastly, the midsole is white with a beige trim on the top of it. There are so many things up close, but from far away, they look like a pair of sneakers. These shoes are like a Georges Seurat’s painting. From far away, it is a beautiful painting, but close, it’s a bunch of dots that make a painting.

The last two details to the Fashionisto’s outfit are a Jansport backpack and a necklace holding a gold cross pendant. The Jansport backpack is a good pick because it is the most simplistic backpack there is. But, you can always find a Jansport backpack that says who you are. Maybe you will get one with a whole lot of cats on it because you love cats. Maybe you will put some pins on it that show what your favorite movies, bands or books are.

This Fashionisto has thrown his hoodies in the closet. He looks ready to face the beautiful sunny day and get to class, too.

How To: Got an example of a Georges Seurat painting for a shoe? Match it with a simple pair of black jeans and nice button-down top!